Halloween Window Painting

2017 Halloween Window Painting is October 28th

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  • Please note that all entrants MUST have an adult supervisor during the painting hours of 9AM-1:30PM on October 14th while the painting is taking place (unless they are 18 years old). Location of painting usually will be on building’s front side, usually located near a street. Norwood Park Chamber of Commerce does not take any responsibility to anyone injured during this painting activity.
  • Painting will begin on Saturday, Oct 28th at 10AM and must be finished by 11APM. Please report to the front of Sprout Pediatric Dentistry at 9AM-10AM to receive your window paint. You will then receive your numbered window and told where to go. YOU MUST**** BRING YOUR OWN PAINT BRUSHES, TARP to cover the sidewalk in case of any paint spillage along with a box that will carry your cups of paint.—This paint DOES stain the sidewalk!!!
  • Entrants must paint ‘Halloween’ or ‘Fall’ themed windows  and paint them within the marked spaces & must paint only in assigned space. (We will have: Red, Orange, Green, and Purple colors)
  • Entrants must keep the area where they are painting neat and not interfere with the merchant’s storefront or entrance.Entrants must dispose of all trash. **If participant is caught intentionally throwing/splattering paint on the business windows, ground or surrounding wall, you will be banned from participating again. **Please be sure to bring extra paper towels and water cups if needed.
  • All windows must be finished no later than 1pm on October 28th.

Reminder, we provide: ONLY paint.  You bring: tarp for ground, paper towel roll, & empty box for holding paint and water cups, etc.

Please wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Bring your costume to change into following window painting!

Trick or Treating will start at 11AM to 1pm- (Must wear a costume to receive candy!)

Check back here for participating businesses closer to the Oct. 28th for the full list!


halloween window painting

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