Member Feedback & Testimonials

Member Feedback
Testimonials from some satisfied Members…FEEDBACK

I am a Norwood Park Chamber business partner and am grateful businesses have the opportunity to offer/share their services with the community.I have helped many members with their home mortgage needs and I always look to support local business first.I think the $100 annual membership dues are very fair and well worth it.The newsletters are very much appreciated as well.The chamber does an excellent job keeping our community well informed of local events, job opportunities and business offerings. “

Bridget Urquhart,

VP Residential Lending Blueleaf Lending, Inc.

7789 W. Talcott

Chgo, IL 60631 773-774-4900 x 15

“The Norwood Park Chamber has worked tirelessly developing creative ways to increase local traffic and brand awareness to new and existing businesses in Norwood Park.”

Kevin Doherty,

Owner, Iron Horse Ale House

6158 N. Northwest Hwy

Chgo, IL 60631

The Norwood Park Chamber is our vital connection to the neighborhood and everyone in it! Their events and activities help businesses to not only connect with one another, but to interact with the residents of our area as well.  This has provided us with a steady source of leads for our business as well as developing beneficial relationships.  We are very happy to be a part of such a great organization.”

All the best, Marilyn Jones, owner Consolidated Printing
P: 773.631.2800 Please print this email…..print grows trees – ask me why……..
Printing is more than a commodity — it’s about responsibility

“Being a part of the Norwood Park Chamber of Commerce has been a great resource for my business. It allows me to have the opportunity to be involved in our community as well as network with other local business members. Thanks NPCC!”

Urban Wellness, Maureen Werrbach, LCPC, Owner, Clinical Therapist, 6601 N. Avondale Suite 203, Chicago, IL 60631 p: 773.340.1715

“I have experience a positive and rewarding relationship working with the Norwood Park Chamber of Commerce. I have enjoyed the interchange with my fellow professional members and with the leadership of Bea McDonough, Executive Director. I look forward to future business opportunities working with the Norwood Park Chamber of Commerce.”

Bill Morton, BillsDigitalPhotos.Com 708-662-0985

“Since I’ve joined the Norwood Park Chamber, I’ve received 3x the amount back that I spent in dues, I receive ads on the newsletter, Bea has directed me to businesses that need my services.Promotion of a neighborhood IS priority, and that’s her job, and she does it…

Her advertising my business has helped me to gain two new clients in this month alone.”

Woody, 773.818.2684 leave msg.





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