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Message From the Taft High School PrincipalRon Grishaber

I would like to take this opportunity to say hello, William Howard Taft High School, students, potential students, teachers, staff, alumni, and community members. As you can see I purposely put students first. I have and always will put our students first when it comes to making decisions that affect our school. As the 12th principal of this illustrious educational institution I am honored to be following in the footsteps of founding Principal Mr. Leo Hoefer, Principal John Graven whose leadership molded the lives of many of our Alumni Hall of Fame members and Principal Art Tarvardian who ushered us into the 21st century.
I come from a family who loves Chicago. My grandfather drove a cab for the Highland Southside cab company for 30 years. My father was a Chicago Police Officer for 33 years. My wonderful mother has probably been in most of the homes on the northwest side of Chicago having sold real estate most of her life.
I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to thank all of my wonderful teachers at St. Tarcissus grammar school and St. Patrick high school. Every great teacher I have met over the years has always had one thing in common. They all had at least one teacher who they loved and thus influenced them to enter the most noblest of professions. I have had too many to mention here, but I would just like to say thank you to every teacher who taught me even on those days when I did not want to learn.
The first room I visited when I became principal was the alumni office. I have been devouring the history of this glorious institution. Our early yearbooks talk about alumni landing on the beaches of Normandy. The jubilation of the wars end is reflected in the late forties. The 1950’s yearbooks are my favorite readings.  The changes reflected in these books to our buildings and our campus are especially fascinating to me.
I recently met Mr. Richard Winge class of 1970 at a local school council meeting and my heart was touched by his memories and his love of his years at Taft. His efforts have spurred the creation of the “Taft Foundation” a funding raising arm of our school who recently renovated our locker rooms. If his passion for our school is any indication of our alumni’s commitment to the betterment of our campus we can all rest assured that our campus will be benefiting from his and other alumni member’s efforts.
Speaking of our alumni I feel privileged to be walking the same hallways as such notables as the great Jim Grabowski, who was on the Green Bay Packers first two Super Bowls teams. Terry Kath, who founded the band Chicago, Jerry Krause of the Chicago Bulls, and Donna Mills from Knots Landing fame. Yes, I will admit I watched the show. I would like to publicly invite all alumni to stop back at our school and visit. Come share your memories and knowledge with us. Please remember that just because you graduated does not mean you are not still part of our family. It is upon your lofty shoulders that we rise. Please come back and inspire our teachers with the memories of your teachers and how they helped mold your life. There have been so many wonderful teachers who selflessly gave their lives to their students. Teachers like Mr. Stamm, Ms. Murphy, Mr. Lyons, Mr. Tiritilli, and Mr. Nishibayashi are just a few teachers who have helped to build our fine institution.
As we move forward, I am more than confident that with the help of the finest faculty in Chicago Public Schools, the most committed coaches, and the cities best kids, we will make our alumni proud.
One weekend in 1989 I went camping in the mountains near Valdez, Alaska where I watched a family of American bald eagles ride the warm currents off the coast of the Prince William Sound.  Now I will watch  our Taft “Eagles” fly  every day for many years to come.
Go Eagles!
Mark Grishaber
William Howard Taft High School



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