Resurrection College Prep

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Resurrection College Prep
Alisa Marorano
7501 W. Talcott Chicago Il,60631
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Resurrection College Prep is the largest all girls Catholic, Christian college prep high school for young women on the North Side of Chicago. Since its founding in 1922, Resurrection has graduated over 14,000 alumnae.




Resurrection College Prep High School is a Catholic Christian school for young women located on the northwest side of Chicago and near Park Ridge. Established by the Sisters of the Resurrection in 1922, Resurrection has a long history of encouraging young women to discover their true potential and prepare them for success in college, career, and life.

Resurrection’s single-gender environment, where young women are the focus, addresses the unique needs of female learners. Our multiple levels of learning, combined with our advanced use of the latest technology and data-driven instructional best practices means that students receive an unparalleled educational experience. Our one-of-a-kind Practicum program provides students with the opportunity to explore career options that are of greatest interest to them. Resurrection’s numerous extra-curricular opportunities in athletics, the arts, clubs and service—all in a supportive and nurturing faith-based environment–build young women’s confidence and prepare them for leadership positions in society.

Mission Statement

Resurrection College Prep High School is a Catholic Christian community dedicated to the education of young women, and to the development of their God-given talents. Convinced of God’s unconditional love and nourished by the Risen Lord, Jesus Christ, we are committed to the spiritual, ethical, intellectual, physical and social growth of our students.

Resurrection College Prep High School is built on a strong foundation established by the Sisters of the Resurrection with Catholic Christian traditions spanning over 90 years. At Resurrection we are totally focused on young women and their needs. We are committed to developing young women of faith to be confident, articulate, dynamic, inspiring and service oriented leaders who will help build stronger families, communities, parishes and places of work for tomorrow.

We are committed to providing a comprehensive academic program that will stretch students’ to reach their full potential and prepare them with the tools for a lifetime of learning.

Our faculty are prepared to provide students with individualized support from additional assistance, to Advanced Placement, to college credit courses. Our unique Practicum Program helps students explore first-hand, the careers that may be of interest to them. Our outstanding Advisement program offers each student an extra layer of support and guidance while at Resurrection.

Students have numerous extra-curricular opportunities that are available through athletics, the arts, clubs, and service, to learn and demonstrate leadership skills, teamwork, and self-confidence in a supportive and nurturing faith-based school community.

Our modified A/B block schedule provides our teachers with the time to engage in in-depth learning and implement a variety of instructional best practices to address a student’s learning style. Resurrection provides a learning environment that is engaging with opportunities for discourse, individual and teamwork, creative
expression and self-reflection. This type of learning environment sparks new interests and builds self-confidence ins the learner.

We are confident that you will find at Resurrection that education is an exciting and challenging exploration and adventure. At Resurrection you will Discover, Participate, Succeed and Serve.

May God bless and guide you on the wonderful journey of learning and of faith.
In Charity and Truth,

Sister Donna Marie Wolowicki, C.R.

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