Liberty Bank for Savings

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Liberty Bank for Savings
Floriana Battista
6210 N. Milwaukee Ave Chicago IL,60646
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We’re your neighbor, Mortgage Lender, and Personal Banking Resource Since 1898.

Why you need a bank that was founded 120 years ago….


Most banks are owned by stockholders and driven by profits. They may claim great rates and good customer service but their primary goal is to maximize their income.

Liberty Bank for Savings is different.  We were founded 120 years ago in the basement of a local church.  Parishioners pooled their money to help each other buy their first home.

Today, we are guided by the same mission – to help families save money and buy homes.

We are a mutual bank.  That means we are owned by the community.  For customers that means our profits go back to the community in the form of higher savings yields, lower mortgages rates and fewer bank fees.

At Liberty Bank, service comes first and profit comes second.  Always.

We have a 120 year history to prove it.

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