Hardcore Fitness LLC

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Hardcore Fitness LLC
Sherri Gallo
6240 N. Avondale Chicago IL,60631
Business Description

“HCF’s mission is to maintain a healthy lifestyle in a busy world. HCF focuses on uplifting, inspiring, and guiding clients to their full potential.”


“Imagine the body you want 6 months from now. Imagine the strength you want to gain. Imagine how you want to challenge and improve your mind and body. Imagine the energy and emotional well-being you will have gained. Don’t stop pushing yourself and never give up. Our boot camp and boot camp community is here to help you achieve your goals! 

Try your first class for free and get you first month of unlimited classes for $79. Our 6 month contract is $99 per month. Click on the link below to see our class schedule. http://hardcorefitnessstudio.com/join-library/




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